What make s our tomatoes so good?

  • Taste

    Truss Tomatoes are hand-picked at the perfect time to deliver the best taste possible. By keeping them on the vine, they continue to ripen and sweeten ensuring they are at their optimum when you are ready to use them.

    The full flavour of Truss Tomatoes and their bright red colour is 100% natural (no artificial ripeners), so every Truss tomato tastes and smells just like a tomato should.


  • Sustainability

    Glasshouse-grown tomatoes are the most environmentally friendly tomato. By controlling the growing environment, taking advantage of recycled rainwater and minimising water wastage, we are able to use 90% less water than other farming methods.

    Pest management is also a huge benefit of glasshouse – we use 95% less pesticides and 80% less fertilisers than other growing methods.

  • Availability

    A huge benefit of glasshouse-grown is we can produce delicious tasting Truss tomatoes all year round. The glasshouse ensures no matter what the weather conditions our Tomatoes are always happy and protected.

    Using the latest technologies, we take advantage of naturally occurring sunlight and temperature control measures to moderate the glasshouse ensuring the perfect conditions regardless of the season.