Making the mo St of your Truss Tomatoes

How to choose the best tomatoes

Use your senses to pick the best tomatoes possible.

Truss Tomatoes ripen from the top down the truss, so when picking look out for a rich deep colour at the top and a lighter colour towards the bottom. The vine itself should be a vibrant green.

Touch is important when selecting Truss Tomatoes – balance is the key, you want them firm but not hard as this means they are under ripe or soft as this indicates they are overripe.

Also use your keen sense of smell to find strong aromatic tomatoes.

Storing tomatoes

Despite popular belief, storing tomatoes in the fridge is not the best option – the cold temperature stops the ripening process, causing flavour to be lost.

A dry room temperature environment is ideal for Truss Tomatoes, waiting until they are slightly soft and a bright red colour will maximise taste.

Try to isolate tomatoes from fruit like apples and bananas when storing – a hormone produced by fruit will accelerate the ripening process of tomatoes.

Why Glasshouse

Glasshouse Truss Tomatoes are not only of the best quality but are efficient and sustainable to grow.

Our tomatoes are grown all year round regardless of weather, optimal conditions can always be achieved producing the best quality tomatoes.

As for sustainability Glasshouse saves water, reduces use of pesticides and fertilisers.

Glasshouse good, all year round